Dungeon Heroes

DUNGEON HEROESDungeon Heroes is a RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style.Features:different charac


Dungeon Heroes is a RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style.


  • different characters to choose from

  • turn based combat

  • spell creation

  • equipment enhancement

  • various quests

  • hidden passages and secret rooms

  • intense boss fights

Party creation
Before you start playing the game, you can choose a party of four heroes that will experience the journey with you. Selection is simple and intuitive, as you choose only the portraits first and distribute ability points later. The important part begins right after you enter the dungeon. Every hero immediately gets 5 attribute points to spend and 3 more every level up. In this way, you don't have to spend your time trying to figure out the right setup for your party before you even start, but rather train your heroes while playing.

Turn based combat
One of the main features of Dungeon Heroes is turn based combat. There are many different abilities that impact how your heroes fight and only you choose the path they should take - no matter if it is warrior, thief or wizard, everyone excels in different way. Once you encounter enemy, the fight begins. Each round has each combatant one action available. You can choose to attack with your weapon, cast a spell, use item or skip the turn. And when you get into some serious trouble, it is possible to try to run away.

Dungeon Heroes brings an interesting feature that allows you to use your items/spells/potions in order to create stronger variations. Every piece of gear can be enchanted, basic spells can be made stronger or modified to have different effects... That all is possible thanks to runes you may find inside the dungeon. Don't spend them mindlessly, though, as runes are quite rare.

Dungeon Heroes brings you quests as well. Each one is different and some of them may affect your further journey, depending on your decision. You will have to look for items, rescue strangers, fight fearsome creatures and solve tricky puzzles.

These cold walls hide various secrets and mysteries. There are many secret walls that can be opened and reward you with valuable items. What's more, there is a unique gear set which parts are scattered through the dungeon.

Boss fights
There are intense boss fights awaiting you that will test your skills. It is very important to know your enemy's weakness, as some of them may be immune to magical damage or reversely wear very tough armor.

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