King's Field: Return to Melanat

Introduction: Return to Melanat is a King's Field fan-game that attempts to recreate the environmen

Introduction: Return to Melanat is a King's Field fan-game that attempts to recreate the environments of King's Field 2 in a whole new light, and while delivering an entirely new story. Like all King's Field games, its gameplay centers around exploration, methodical combat, and light puzzle solving. All seven areas of Melanat are recreated to scale using nothing but the SOM toolset and very few custom resources. Please offer any constructive feedback, and have fun!

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(Gamepads are supported)
NUM Pad - Look/Move
Tab - Menu
Tab(in menu) - Show equipment/spell details
Space - Action
Space(Hold) - Sprint
Shift - Attack
Ctrl - Magic
Escape - Cancel


  • Explore eight massive levels in a varied, persistent open world.

  • 6-8 hours worth of content.

  • Many hidden secrets and shortcuts to find.

  • A complex, yet non-intrusive story.

  • Dozens of weapons and magic that are useful in different situations.

  • A vibrant custom soundtrack.

Note: This game is meant to be played in a standard 4:3 resolution. Widescreen mode is still playable, but will cause tile cut-off in open environments like the West Shore.

This game takes place about twenty years after the events of King's Field 3. Light has been granted to the world and peace reigned for a while, however, a mysterious darkness has emerged on the Island of Melanat. Fearing the worst, the king led a detachment of knights to the island in an attempt to contain the spreading darkness, but they have not been heard from since. You play as a young prince who journeys to Melanat in search of his missing father, the king. From there, it is up to the player to explore the island and reveal its hidden secrets.

Version History:
Version 1.0

  • Game released.

Version 1.1

  • Added directional lighting effects, which help to smooth out and blend textures.

  • Rebalanced magic to make it a much more viable option in combat.

  • The Moonlight Sword no longer increases holy magic, but regenerates more MP.

  • A few instances where enemies could shoot projectiles through walls have been fixed.

  • Healing spells now cost slightly more MP to cast.

  • Fixed numerous grammatical errors.

Version 1.2

  • Added a new area called the Lost City, which can be found behind a secret door on the West Shore.

  • Reworked and added several small details to all maps.

  • Added 11 (double the original amount) new NPCs and reworked all NPC dialogues.

  • Added a fully voiced intro cutscene (voiced by Verdite).

  • Added an extra final area and boss, and redid the ending cutscene.

  • Added several new signs and wall writings.

  • The dragon fountains now have to be 'activated' before they can be used.

  • Removed the Aged Feather, but Dragon Fruits can now respawn on death.

  • Reduced the amount of HP that Earth Herbs heal.

  • Improved the sound quality of background music.

  • Darkened the lighting a little.

  • Added sword magic.

  • The cliffs on the West Shore and East Shore are now much taller and more realistic looking.

  • Lighthouses now actually look like lighthouses.

  • Dark Slayer, nuff said.


  • From Software, for developing the engine and its resources, also for making King's Field.

  • HwitVlf, for translating the SOM software and providing custom assets.

  • Jacob Lake, who composed most of the soundtrack.

Beta Testers:

  • Dmpdesign

  • Verdite

  • Jacob Lake

  • George Ross

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