Friday Night Funkin': Shinobi Scramble (VS Shuri & Ken)

Can you master ongaku-no-jutsu?An original full-week mod!Boyfriend and Girlfriend, stranded in the r

Can you master ongaku-no-jutsu?

An original full-week mod!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend, stranded in the rain after they missed the last train of the night, chance upon what they think is a hotel - but trouble ensues when they quickly learn that it instead is a ninja hideaway! It's time to sing your way out of this mess, but be warned - the ninja within wield blades as sharp as their tongues!


- Three all-new original songs: "Kunai," "Katana," and "Shuriken"!
- New tutorial song!
- New gameplay mechanics!
- Illustrated cutscenes!
- Concept art gallery!
- Lesbian kunoichi!

Default Controls:

  • Arrow keys - Hit the arrows

  • Space/Enter - Select

  • Esc - Skip dialogue. It is No Longer Jank

  • Esc - Go Back

To edit keybinds, go to Options, scroll to Keybinds, select the key you wish to edit with Space, and enter your custom inputs.


Music, Artwork, Writing, Charting - Juno

Coding - Jorge_Sunspirit (

Kade Engine - Kade Dev (


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