FNF VS Big Brother Mod

#fnf #bigbrothermod #fridaynightfunkinmod #fridaynightfunkin #fanmod #fnfbigbrother #FNF This Mod is

#fnf #bigbrothermod #fridaynightfunkinmod #fridaynightfunkin #fanmod #fnfbigbrother #FNF

This Mod is adding BF's Big brother, (aka BB). BB mod is originally a vanilla run mod to showcase that some mods can look great and be compelling without using other sources. This mod has built-in DfJk controls to switch in the options menu to turn on or off, as well as down scroll option.Down below has the optimized version with Kade.

BB mod is not a bullet-hell mod but a calm chill-like mod more around the story of the character more than the actual gameplay. However, this mod comes with a brand new mode called " Fuck..." Fuck is a 1 miss KO difficulty.

When booting up BB mod you will notice that the mod contains the original game on top of the new content this is because the difficulty fuck is now able to be played on all levels containing this mod. Fuck is only assessable in story mode and if you fail in the middle of the week you will be sent right back to the start of the week. BB mod not only has this special mode but also allows you in the middle of the week to switch over and YOU get to play BB Vs BF. 

This mod is not perfect, and there are a few hiccups no doubt but please understand this mod was created by only 4 people total.

(Week 2 will have a team of 12)

Thank you to my amazing small team to do so much work!

Slamreon : coder
Robot: Charter
Elbendy: Musician 
Kittypop: Art/assets/ writer
Va: Cougar MacDowall

-social media's-

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Big_BrotherFNF
VR Chat: Kittypop / 0oKittypopo0
Discord: -Here,Kitty,Kitty,Kitty


This mod can be ported over to kade if you really wish to do so, this mod can be tweaked and messed with as long as the original credits go back to us the team. There is also more to the story about BB than what is shown on the surface keep your eyes peeled for oddities within the story of BB. You may stumble upon some interesting things.

Sensitive topics appear within this mod, as well as vulgar language, blood, and topics of murder. The lore of the Mod has been solved but more is to come later on Here. This link will take you to a Google drive with all the lore people have solved so far.


Please enjoy!

(also before anyone asks, We the team completely forgot "keith" is not BF's name, however in this mod, it is showcased to be this name, we were too far into development to change this and we apologize ahead of time for anyone who is irritated by this fact.)

Special thanks to Retro and Kamex for showing support for the mod and for retro to showcase it for it's first-ever youtube viewing means a lot to me and my team and we thank you to the bottom of our hearts

Week 2 is now in progress 8/11/2021

Week 2 musical Teaser

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