Undertale: DarkFlowerTale

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Undertale: DarkFlowerTale

Darkflowertale is in development, minigame is constantly updating, but you still can download the old version of minigame.

All Darkfowertale games can have content not suitable for minors and flashing lights that can cause epilepsy. Play at your own risk.

UNDERTALE belongs to Toby Fox, we do not own any rights on his games.

Darkflowertale is a fanmade game that is created in honor to UNDERTALE community, not for personal fame.

Quality of Ruins demo will be completely different from the final game.

Undertale: DarkFlowerTale

The events of this alternate universe unfold five years after the passage of a man one of the neutral endings, in which he made friends with everyone, went on a date with Alphis, didn't go to a real laboratory and eventually killed Asgor. Chara decides to "start all over again", but he can't erase the timeline. He begins to understand a deplorability of situation when he realizes that his determination for some reason doesn't work: he abandoned all the friends he made friends with, he is the killer of everyone's favorite fluffy king ... Chara doesn't know how these actions affected the entire underground world, because five years have passed since he left the dungeon. The person decides to return, no matter how severe the consequences may be, and try to fix everything

You can learn more about this alternate universe at Wiki.

Undertale: DarkFlowerTale

• New sprites!

We try to create sprites and locations with minimal use of the original materials.

• Original soundtrack! Brand new music tracks

• New characters and original story!

New unique characters, events and a story, where you play as a protagonist.

• New game mechanics! Minor improvements of UNDERTALE game mechanics (a completely changed inventory system that displays the appearance and description of items, the phone will allow you to communicate with monsters to advance the story. Battle mechanics has also been changed).

Undertale: DarkFlowerTale

Undertale: DarkFlowerTale

Q: When will the release of DEMORUIN and update of minigame?

A: DEMO has already done on 25%, update of minigame on 80%.

There is no exact date of game release.

Q: Will separate parts of full game be releasing after DEMORUIN’s release?

A: No, we will release the full version of game after DEMORUIN’s release.

Q: May I be the part of your team?

A: Yes, if you know Russian well.

Q: What is the Chara’s sex?

A: He is man.

Q: What about Frisk???

A: Frisk has never been in this alternate universe in usual form.

Undertale: DarkFlowerTale

YanLinsky - Developers, Graphic Artists

Omega Soul - Music Composers, Graphic Artists
Fallen Pandora - Сharacter Writer, Translation Of The Game Into English, Text Editor, Beta Tester
Ksan - Developers Swapfell and Darkflowertale, Graphic Artists
Tim DN - Developers Doctortale, Graphic Artists
Zapper - Graphic Artists
Lazy creeper - Graphic Artists
Jart - Graphic Artists
Truedefra - Graphic Artists
NebelFoma - Сharacter Writer
Kristlplay - Сharacter Writer
Mistifire Saotomi - Translation Of The Game Into English
Kanarey - Translation Of The Game Into English, Graphic Artists
Mien - Сharacter Writer
NeverPlayWithFate - Graphic Artists
Barsuchok2810 - Translation Of The Game Into English, Text Editor
Hilode - Graphic Artists
Pen - Graphic Artists
MnogolikaKett - Graphic Artists
PATRICK - Graphic Artists
Silent Light - Music Composers
UwaMe0w - Music Composers
Anna_Crow - Text Editor, Translation Of The Game Into English
ShellyPrinkil - Text Editor
Faulty - Text Editor
DrSeeler - Text Editor
Mettass - Text Editor
KROGAR - Text Editor

Неизвестный друк
Şoon Thânatos
Адель Мубаракшин
Егор Котов
Лера Виноградова

----------------------------------Special Thanks----------------------------------

🦊Fox - Сharacter Writer

UNDERTALE © 2015 / DELTARUNE © 2018 by Toby Fox

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