Integrity: An Undertale Fangame

Disclaimer: This game will feature some mildly unsettling imagery that may not be suitable for the e

Disclaimer: This game will feature some mildly unsettling imagery that may not be suitable for the easily frightened. By downloading the game, you accept that you may be subjected to this content. You have been warned.

This is a fangame of UNDERTALE by Toby Fox! If you haven’t played it before, you should! It’s an amazing game!

||| Please read the FAQ below before asking any questions! |||

Integrity is an Undertale fangame, expanding on many of the concepts from the well-known AU Underswap. To those who are unfamiliar with the concept of Underswap, or simply need a refresher; Most characters from Undertale have swapped roles with a character in a close pairing. For example, Sans swaps roles with Papyrus. With a large cast of new characters, new puzzles and new areas to explore, these changes go a long way in creating a brand new adventure with familiar faces. The player will control a young girl named Luna, a child born with a soul of integrity, on her quest to return back home after falling beneath Mt. Ebott.


Q: Hey...wasn’t this project called AbsoluteZero’s Underswap/Undertale: Daitai Rireki? What happened to that?
A: The team decided that Undertale: Daitai Rireki wasn’t a good name for the project, being foreign, and likely mistranslated. The project director also wanted to stray away from the [Team Name] UNDERSWAP format that has existed on GameJolt for a while.

Q: When is the demo coming out? When is the full game coming out?
A: We don’t have an exact date for either at this moment. The demo will likely release in Mid-Late 2019, and we have no estimated release date for the full project. Game development takes a long time, especially when this is a fangame with no payment involved. A lot of the development team is still currently in high school, and the others are either in college or have jobs. We ask that you are patient so we can deliver you the best quality game we can.

Q: Will this game be free?
A: Of course! This is a fangame after all. The game, necessary hotfixes/updates, and any post-release content will be free of charge.

Q: What platforms will be supported on release?
A: Windows is our main focus for now, but a Linux release is 100% possible for the future. Mac, however, as it stands, is currently not possible for our programmer to work on. Apologies if this is an inconvenience to any of our fans.

Q: What’s so special about this Underswap compared to the others?
A: While we do take pride in reviving some of the ideals of the original Underswap, we have also taken many brand new directions with our project to create an exciting and mysterious new adventure for everyone. With new designs, enemies, puzzles, and areas to explore, we feel that, in time, players will recognize just how different we’ve made our project to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Q: Can I join the development team?
A: As it stands, applications for all departments are currently closed. Should they reopen, we will announce it through a devlog, and accept applications for the departments we are searching for.

Q: Which characters will be swapping roles here?
A: The most significant swaps are the following:

Temmie and Flowey
Asgore and Toriel
Mad Dummy and Ruins Dummy
Mettaton and Napstablook
Papyrus and Sans
Alphys and Undyne

There will be other minor swaps, such as Burgerpants and Nice Cream Guy, but the ones above are the most story important swaps. Keep an eye out for the rest of the cast in the underground, though!

Q: Where did Luna come from? Why are they the main protagonist?
A: Luna’s design takes hefty inspiration from a piece of art by Tumblr user Tsukiaki, portraying their vision of the child with a soul of Integrity from Undertale. The project director decided on the protagonist having a soul of integrity because he often saw the color blue associated with Underswap, sometimes even seeing a blue soul in fan logos as opposed to Undertale’s red soul.

Q: What are some of the new features you plan to add?
A: We plan to add a variety of new features to make the game more exciting and fun. Some of these include:

New Characters!
New Puzzles!
New Areas to Explore!
New Soundtrack!
New Plot Points!
Plenty of New Easter Eggs!
...and many more!

Q: Insert various insult/mockery saying that the project will die/is dead
A: Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. Jokes aside, we have no intentions of canceling this project any time soon, and we’ve made outstanding progress in the year and a half that the team has been around. We go quiet sometimes as we work on stuff, but we assure you that we are often hard at work to deliver you all a fantastic game.

If you have any more questions that went unanswered here, please consider following and messaging us on our other social platforms. They will be linked at the bottom of this description.

||| Team Roster |||

AbsoluteZero - Project Director, Head of Writing
Dakras - Room/Level Designer
Divide - Head of Art and Design
Drop0ff - Musician
Fours - Assistant Spriter, Tileset Designer
Gaz - Spriter
kae/nes - Assistant Spriter
KompleteKrysys/Photonix - Spriter
Jamangar - Musician
Master of Toast - Head of Music
PeriBooty/ShadowTheClood - Head of Programming
revie - Spriter
The Pixelated Engie - Assistant Spriter
Tmntleo15 - Spriter
TRéZZY - Spriter
Vinpie - Artist, Comic Artist

||| Special Thanks |||

To those who inspired us, previously worked on the project, or contributed in some way, we thank you.
Dorked - Creator of Inverted Fate, has been a huge help through their support and kindness
Emma Burke - Old Music Contribution, Former Team Member
Granpris - Sprite Contribution, Concept Contribution, Former Team Member
Kalin - Sprite Contribution, Former Team Member
Patwhit01 - Sprite Contribution, Former Team Member
Spouting/Leo - Old Sprite Contribution, Former Team Member
Allstarr - Old Music Contribution, Former Team Member
UltimateNanite/DavidK - Former Head Programmer, Former Team Member
Toby Fox - Creator of Undertale, the inspiration for this fangame
Popcornpr1nce - Creator of the original Underswap, another inspiration

Need to contact us? Want to keep up with the latest news on our project? Message or follow us on one of our social platforms!

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For any potential business inquiries, email us at:

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