OverviewAftertale is an Undertale Fan Game set one year after the events of Undertale, featuring a c


Aftertale is an Undertale Fan Game set one year after the events of Undertale, featuring a cast of original characters and a few familiar faces.
As you fall into the underground once again, you find yourself at the center of a compelling mystery. Someone or something is resetting the timeline, and won't let it advance a week past your arrival.
To make matters worse, you can't remember a thing about yourself.

Who will you decide to be as the mystery unfolds? What friends will you make?

Can you uncover the secrets binding you to this place?

The game is based on a comic you can read here:


Howdy! Thanks for taking the time to read our description.
We're the Aftertale Team, and we loved Undertale so much that we wanted to try our hand at making a spiritual successor.

Aftertale is a passion project, based on a story and running webcomic by the same name.
It follows the story of a new arrival in the underground, and the unusual circumstance they find themselves in.

Back in January 2016, we joked about creating a playable demo of a fight scene which occured in the Aftertale comic.
We've been working on it since!
We're hoping by 2018, a playable demo for the fight will be available.

If public reception to the project is good, then we intend to begin full production of the game.
We'd love your support in that event.
And we'd really appreciate if you'll stick around until we can produce our demo.

Thanks for reading!

Key Points

A New Adventure; Aftertale tackles the loose ends of Undertale's narrative, attempting to weave a brand new story.

New Faces; Meet and make new friends and uncover their cryptic, intersecting pasts. As familiar as they are mysterious.

New Mechanics; Try out a new dash mechanic, creating more dynamic fights and deeper overworld puzzles. Make lasting choices about your playstyle as you grow and progress through Aftertale.

New Songs; With due thanks to the Undertale community and it's talented composers, Aftertale promises exciting and atmospheric music to immerse players in the story.

Social Media

To know about the latest updates and news, follow us on our Twitter account!

We also have a Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress page

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