Undertale: Underfell

Undertale: UnderfellAn Undertale fan-game by Team UF[If you have not played through Undertale yet, b

Undertale: Underfell
An Undertale fan-game by Team UF

[If you have not played through Undertale yet, be sure to CHECK IT OUT and play it on any supported platforms. This fan-game is based on an Alternate Universe, so some aspects of the plot will differ from Undertale's storyline. This project is not by any means associated with Toby Fox.]

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Before proceeding to the game's description, be sure to read the FAQ. Comments containing questions from the FAQ will not be answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this project being developed by Toby Fox?
A: No.

Q: Will there be a fight against ____?
A: Questions regarding the game's plot will only be answered on Discord server in a spoilers chat on our Discord server. Please, don't bother asking on gamejolt itself.

Q: Shouldn't it be "Delta Fell Rune" or "X Rune" instead of Elder Fall Rune?
A: Delta Rune is an anagram of a word Undertale, however majority of the fanmade Underfell Delta Rune names don't follow that, so we created our own name with that in mind.

Q: But according to Deltarune...
A: Deltarune is not directly related to Undertale in any way and nor is this project.

Q: Can I join the team?
A: Sorry, but we are not looking for any new members, but if we ever will be looking for people then it will be announced through Discord server and Devlogs.

Q: I don't like X character's design! I don't like X song! Can you use X song? I don't like that part of the game!
A: Please know that we are designing the game with our own ideas. If you do not like a song or a character's design, it does not mean we will change it. Constructive criticism is always welcome, though.

Q: I found a bug!
A: If you find any bugs, please post a screenshot or the error message in the Comments or in a designated chat on Discord Server and we will be fixed in the next update/patch. Thank you very much for your support. <3

Q: When will it be released?
A: As this is a Fan Project we are unable to develop the game at the same rates as commercially viable games. Our team members have lives and obligations and cannot find time to work on this game for hours upon hours each day.

Q: This is way too hard! Beating this game will be impossible!
A: Welcome to Underfell.
This project is intended for players that have already played through Undertale. It is more difficult in comparison to Undertale if you consider it is just the beginning. However, "impossible" is certainly an overstatement. Any casual players can finish this demo without much trouble. Stay DETERMINED. 😛

Member Roster

  • Members | Roles

  • Neveroff | Leading, Spriting, Game Design

  • Qwert | Programming, Game Design

  • Gator | Spriting, Game Design

  • Badger | Composing

  • Jason64 | Composing, Writing

  • Flame | Writing

  • A_K | Writing

  • Gulim | Writing

  • Fatpapa | Concept Art

  • Chroma Skelefox | Concept Art

  • Blueknee | Concept Art

  • Resigned Members | Roles

  • Septy | Spriting

  • Soup_Taels | Spriting


  • New enemies!

  • A custom and entirely revamped version of the Underground.

  • A challenging new adventure!

  • New sprites and a remade soundtrack!


  • A custom plot.

This is an early alpha build of the game. This is intended to show off the features and gameplay elements currently implemented. In-game content is not currently finalized.

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