Undertale - Neutral Run Disbelief

(Please keep in mind that the game is in a very early state of development and a lot of things are n

(Please keep in mind that the game is in a very early state of development and a lot of things are not final.)

Neutral Run Disbelief is a free fangame of Toby Fox's Undertale that's currently being developed by CompleteInfinity.

This is not official to Undertale and Undertale: DISBELIEF.
Please don't judge us for anything that's uncanon to Disbelief by FlamesAtGames.

Welcome to the official Neutral Run Disbelief AU Gamejolt page.

Please read the FAQ below before asking questions in the comments.


  • New sprites, music and a lot more!

  • Multiple Endings!

  • Special Cutscenes.

  • Secrets and Easter Eggs.

  • Dog.

  • 2 Dogs.

  • 3 Dogs.

  • Uhh... Multiple Dogs.

Undertale - Neutral Run Disbelief

Neutral Run Disbelief is an Alternate Universe of Undertale where some events occur, resulting in Papyrus fighting you.
We cannot give more details of what happens for now in order to avoid spoilers.

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Undertale - Neutral Run Disbelief

Q: Are you Toby Fox? Is this official?
A: No.

Q: When will this game be finished?
A: We don't have an exact release time planned. But it's most likely going to take a while. However, we will be releasing Acts after they are finished. After all of the Acts are done, there will be a final game including all of them.

Q: Is this game related to any other disbelief fangames in any way?
A: Not really. While it is based on FlamesAtGames' Disbelief, it's still a lot different from it and any other disbelief fangames.

Q: How would Neutral Run Disbelief even work? It's a neutral run, so there's no way this could work.
A: We've made it work. Maaagic.

Q: Will the game be free?
A: Of course.

Q: Can I join the team?
A: You'll have to join the discord server and show some examples of your work, if you're good enough, you'll be able to join.

Q: How many Acts will there be?
A: As of right now, we have 3 Acts planned (including Act 0), but it's possible that there'll be more.


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