Team Chaos Seed - Underfell

GENERAL ADVICE:Play the original Undertale before playing ours, because our game contains spoilers i

Team Chaos Seed - Underfell
Team Chaos Seed - Underfell

Play the original Undertale before playing ours, because our game contains spoilers in the main storyline. If you still do not know the game (which clearly should not be the case) the link is right here.

Underfell is an Undertale AU, that is, we are inspiring ourselves in some things in the Kaitogirl comics and in a few things from the original Underfell. And before they come to say "this fangame is false this other is the true one" or "this is wrong this is the right" remember that this AU does not yet have a fixed history and is open to own interpretations.

Our interpretation of this AU consists of wanting to bring something new, a different experience from the Undertale, and even from the Underfell main line, which is something not so scary and not so daring, after all we're not doing a Horrortale fangame, are we?

Getting to the point..

Welcome to Team Chaos Seed - Underfell!



  • New designs for most monsters and Undertale landscapes.

  • Do not kill the monsters: killing is not necessary, be affectionate, spare, and be friends with all the monsters around you, or not.

  • Kill them all: maybe they might not deserve this, but it does not matter, put all your murderous instincts to the test and kill them all.

  • Currently we plan to add at least 4 new areas full of new monsters, or maybe not (we cannot predict the future).

We at Team Chaos Seed intend to bring something new and different from the interpretation of fandom, bring new designs of monsters and zones, as well as new places to explore.

Are you ready?

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