Post-Shift 2

Synopsis:In Post-Shift 2, you will be looking for answers to a mystery that has been long dead for a


In Post-Shift 2, you will be looking for answers to a mystery that has been long dead for all, under the wraps of corporate power and greed.

You are seeking a truth that has haunted you for years upon years. This is personal.

Acting on the role as a nightworker, the Compage Toys Co. facility and warehouse will be your start and very foundation for the questions, a newly established business that sits vicariously on the hells of a melancholy and grim past. These forces cannot be contained.

The darker evils at play, both strange and familiar, continue to plague and haunt the walls they are encapsulated within.

Restless, reconstructed and reprised, they are the only ones that remain with the true answers you seek.

And you are the only one who can answer their call.

Tread carefully...

Fangame Overview:

Post-Shift 2 is a Five Nights at Freddy's fangame project set in an alternate universe from the original FNAF games by Scott Cawthon. Acting as a continuation of the previous fangame, Post-Shift.

Whilst still retaining the characters from the FNAF franchise (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica & Foxy) and certain events being somewhat similar to the original, this universe strays into a different/alternate path of events and stories. Setting and themes also differ slightly in certain regards.

! Important Note(s) !

  1. This fangame is a Windows PC only fangame/project, there won't be an Android adaptation (or other platform/adaptations .ect) from myself.

  2. This game will have a (or what I would call) "flexible" release, meaning that there will not be a specific date or time for the release - nor an announcement detailing a release date or time exactly.

    This is to avoid any development based hiccups and to allow me more time for ironing out the game's bugs/issues (in a more extrapolated/timely manner). (Similar to what I did with my previous fangame)

  3. Current descriptions are subject to change also, but will be left somewhat vague for now.

  4. Do not use any of the tracks from this game's OST (nor other materials correlating) for your own projects/fangame without formal/written permissions from myself. Thank you.

  5. I don't have a large team working around the clock behind this fangame, the work being done on the game itself will largely be by myself (models, rendering, sounds, planning .ect), so it may take awhile. Please be patient if you can, the more time I have the better.

Technical Information:

OS: PC/Windows only (no Android/MAC ports .ect, Windows standalone)

Engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5


Recommended Requirements:

RAM: at minimum 4GB of ram.

CPU: at minimum a quad-core processor.

GPU: GTX 1660 (an ideal GPU for the game)

6GB of free storage space.

OS: Windows 10, 7 or 11 (ideally, Win10).

Resolution: Native 720p (1080p upscaled - optional).

Game storage size: 3.44GB (including both .exes).

Additional Notes:

Teasers will be placed throughout the project/game development process; a gameplay trailer will be created nearer the game's completion (game is in a playable state).

I will also affirm again that there is no set or planned date for the release of this fangame.

Additional Note #1: Test Builds 10/11/2019 (November)

Test builds will only be given to people on a small-scale (likely individuals I know well/personally) for testing. I'll likely refrain from early-access releases just to make the release itself more streamlined. Note that as of writing this, the game is still in its very early development stages.

Additional Note #2: Game Difficulty 18/12/2019 (December)

Much like with my previous fangames, I'm intending for this to not be a 'walk in the park' experience. I feel softing up a game too much greatly takes away from the experience intended, and provides a very not so rewarding experience overall. I am of course going to be testing to ensure that all levels are definitely possible, like always (and further patches for game breaking issues when necessary).

Additional Note #3: Current Development 04/03/2021 (March)

The game is still currently in development, although it is roughly set (if all goes according to plan) to be released sometime during this year. This however is, or, can be subject to change, dependent on various progression factors. For example, if the work needed to be completed needs more time. Updates will be made regarding progression throughout the year, but may come in a somewhat irregular basis. A testing phase of the game may also take some time after development has finished entirely (fixing issues/bugs).

Once again I thank everyone for their patience!

Additional Note #4: Current Development 02/11/2021 (November)

It's very likely the game will not be nearing release until 2022 now, with the extra and additional segment of the game releasing potentially later on after release. The base game itself is almost complete.

Main Credits:

Inspired heavily by Scott Cawthon's franchise - Five Nights at Freddy's.

[All rights of Five Nights at Freddy's belong to him]

Fangame Development Credits:

Rjac25 - coding, ideas, sounds/OST, models (renders .ect)

Subject Illuminant - additional music/OST & Voice Acting


Minater Baby: TheTVBunny

Minater BB: Pure LV -

Remnant Chica: ShadowSinger/Jaz -

Remnant Puppet: Sush

Minater Freddy: FredFazTK -

Fredmare: Herodemise -

Subject 1 Freddy: notsoalex -

Subject 4 Bonnie: PhunkyPhantom -

NotsoConfidentSam: Minater Foxy

Halfless Watcher/Announcer: Nate/Guh-Huzzah

Minatereenas: NotsoConfidentSam -

Minater Ballora: ihearvoices -

Revenant Freddy: Nate/Guh-Huzzah -

???: NotsoConfidentSam -

Revenant Bonnie: NotsoConfidentSam

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