Mary's Arcade

Go follow Mary's Arcade 2!or join the Mary's Arcade Discord!Mary's Arcade is a FNaF fan game that

Go follow Mary's Arcade 2!

or join the Mary's Arcade Discord!

Mary's Arcade is a FNaF fan game that does not rely on luck or randomness. Instead, you must plan ahead in order to effectively defend yourself.

Be careful though, as sometimes fending off one mascot may bring another closer to you.

"A fangame that separates boys from men" - Kane Carter (seriously)

Mary's Arcade is a passion project I've been working on independently since 2019.

My goal was to make a short, simple FNaF game that wasn't overly dependent on story. I avoided using FNaF mechanics like doors and masks and put my own spin on the ideas I did take to hopefully create a unique FNaF-ey experience.

Only you can be the judge of that, though.


600MB space

2GB ram

1920x1080 display



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