Night Shift at Spike's

Game page pending update, content in screenshots is not final.OverviewNight Shift at Spike's is a F

Game page pending update, content in screenshots is not final.


Night Shift at Spike's is a FNaF fangame based on strategic time and resource management, following the classic "Survive until 6 AM" formula with a couple twists.

This game isn't supposed to be of large scale as I am the only developer, so manage your expectations.


  • New mechanics;

  • Charming visuals and new shaders;

  • Unique character designs;

  • Many customization options;

  • Fully original soundtrack;

  • Many unlockables and extra challenges, like classic character skins and more.


Android port?

No android port is planned.

Do you have a Discord server?

I'll be launching a Discord server soon.

Is NSaS:Rebuilt canon/connected to this game? Does it play similarly?

NSaS:Rebuilt is not canon. None of the old mechanics are present in the main gameplay.

Is there 360 scrolling?


What are the main characters and their names?

Spike the Wolf, ???, Giselle the Giraffe, Lily the Cat, Tummy the Mallard, ???.

Why can't I download? When's the game releasing?

As of now, there is no set release date. I have a busy life, and in order to make sure everything works well and doesn't feel rushed, I am taking my time. I am only announcing a proper release date when the game is near completion.


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