It Needs Care

DisclaimerGame was made for Construct Deception Jam.Also it has won 5th place!DescriptionGreetings!Y


Game was made for Construct Deception Jam.
Also it has won 5th place!


You were chosen to test the brand new virtual pet toy from "Ikura" corporation. The fate of your future best friend is in your hands now. We hope that you'll get along well.

  • Regards, Ikura customer service.

Version History

1.1 - 22/05/19


  • added alternative ending;

  • improved text in user manual and dialogues;

  • increased gameplay pace;

  • updated web audio compatibility;

  • added fullscreen mode;

  • minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

1.0 - 26/06/15

#other #pointnclick #horror #retro #pixelart #tamagotchi #lovecraft

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