Stairs - Pre-Alpha Demo

THE FULL RELEASE IS ON STEAM!After a year of development, the full game is now on steam!http://store


-- This is only a Pre-Alpha Demo --

What is Stairs?
You play as a washed up journalist, looking for his next big scoop. Three people have gone missing recently, in an abandoned factory, and you're going to find out what happened to them.

Stairs takes a lot of it's inspiration from real events. The demo you can play here for instance, has taken a lot of it's inspiration from the Donner Party (look it up if you're interested).

We are currently developing this into a full game, where we'll add several more levels, with even more disturbing stories and scary events.

Why are we doing this?
The idea was to create a "flashback" to old-school horror games, as we believe that most horror games of today have become a hybrid of action and shooters. So we wanted to "go back", so to speak, and what we created was Stairs.

Got any questions or feedback?
We are more than welcome to hear all about them! Write in the comments below or if you want to make it more private, send your thoughts it to!

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