Isles of Umbra [DEMO]

ISOU is an obscure story about nightmares and subconscious.#horrorIt's late 1920's, when Metropoli

ISOU is an obscure story about nightmares and subconscious.

It's late 1920's, when Metropolis movie is out. You are John Wilbur, archeologist and cinema enthusiast. After finding the bronze disc in Timgad you started dreaming about starless domain called Umbra.

Umbra lords have invited you. It's time for a new expedition.

Concept is inspired by Lovecraft novels, Year Walk, Sword & Sworcery. ISOU is a chapter based game. We plan to release first chapter in Q4 2015

Demo is available right now! Also, check out site:

Have a good play!

PS: you can also like sci-fi sister of ISOU - Breached. It's our collateral project:

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