Player vs. Game

1.2.0 VERSION OUT!New content added. Don't miss it!You can play Player vs. Game by yourself in the


New content added. Don't miss it!

You can play Player vs. Game by yourself in the single player mode, but we highly recommend that you play with a friend of yours. It is a more balanced and better experience overall.

This multiplayer game (with a single player option) challenges one player to make it to the goal and the other one to take on the role of the game to put an end to the player's life.

The PLAYER has one goal: get a coin and bring it to the arcade machine.

The GAME has another one: descontruct the game itself and use all its elements to make the player suffer. Once the game has loaded the KILLER SCREEN, it can kill the player.


PLAYER 1: AWSD or directional keys or joystick for the controller.
PLAYER 2:0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or A, B, X, Y for the controller.
Hold ESCAPE or BACK (on the controller) to go back or exit the game.

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Design directed by: Diego Luque and Jesús Márquez
Code: Diego Luque de la Campa (

Code: Jesús Márquez García (

Art: Daniel Cisneros López (

Art: Álex Sánchez Graciano (@ASGilustracion)
Sound: Fran Romguer (


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