Coup is a #multiplayer action game with #fps and #stealth as sub-genres.The rebels must provoke unre

Coup is a #multiplayer action game with #fps and #stealth as sub-genres.

The rebels must provoke unrest by distributing flyers to people, while the police must kill them on sight.

It's advised to play with your friends (max players per server is 4). It works with Hamachi and Evolve. The protocol for port forwarding is UPD.

Known bug: if you change windows while the game is restarting it may crash. Unfortunately it seems to be a Unity's bug, so we don't have much power over it.

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If you are a youtuber and you made a gameplay, please post about it in the comments: I may link it in the game's media.

Small port-forwarding tutorial

Follow this tutorial using the port you set in the game (default is 7777) and both protocols. When you are done give your friends the IP address written on this site!

If port forwarding isn't your thing, you can use a service like Hamachi or Evolve

Join the Discord Server, which serves as a forum, and where you can play and chat with other members.



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