Fistful of Gun

ANOTHER UPDATE!I have updated this here free version with the new engine, new modes, online play, ve


I have updated this here free version with the new engine, new modes, online play, versus play and tons of new enemies and levels!Enjoy! I have left the 1.0 version still available for download if anyone wants to venture back to 2013 also....If you are feeling generous pick up Fistful of Gun full release here:


The game is a western topdown arcade shooter in early alpha stages, hope you guys like it!I am still working on it and releasing builds on my twitter from time to time, so check em at

, this is the first and probably most stable of the public builds.Enjoy!

The 3 characters were specifically built with a certain input device in mind (keyboard, mouse, joypad) so that 3 players could play simultaneously without sharing devices.

They each have different skills, weapons, movement speeds and upgrade patterns to suit there control device.

-Keyboard controls Noah -[Shotgun]

Z & X will fire each shotgun barrel, while directionals will move you around, you can double tap movement keys for a dash movement.You can edit his controls in config.ini in the root folder (each key uses a number - just use this as reference for remapping controls )

-Joypad controls Abel- [Revolver]

Left analog stick moves Abel around, flick the right analog stick to fire his weapon, kind of like the reload motion on a revolver.I have only tested this with wired/wireless 360 controllers currently.

-Mouse controls Zeke- [Long Rifle]

Left mouse button will move Zeke around, while holding Right mouse button will aim his rifle.Zeke will automatically cloak if you don't fire, firing or moving too close to enemies view cones will reveal him.

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