Amber - Quest in Torch Valley

Play as Flint, an unlikely hero with the fate of his dying people on his shoulders, in this quirky e

Play as Flint, an unlikely hero with the fate of his dying people on his shoulders, in this quirky electropunk RPG filled with puzzles, challenges and traps!

Explore post-apocaliptic scenery made out of cubes, where Flint meets friend and foe, unlocks ancient relics and tries to unravel the mistery of a decaying world.

Download a playable build (still very much in development) with 7 levels, all skills, and a short chapter of the story!


On a dying planet called simply the World, Torch City is the last human city still standing in the dark. Built in the twilight of the Old Days, Torch City is well fortified and home to The Torch, a tall spire that lights up the surrounding area and keeps the darkness at bay.

In the game you will be playing as Flint, an orphan, found on the steps of the Library and raised as his own by the old master. His life is turned around when the one being he trusted most runs with The Cube - the city's last source of power.Blaming himself for this sudden dissapearence, wishing that he had been a better listener and a better friend, he takes it upon himself to find her and bring her back. He is nervous and scared as he embarks on the perilous quest, as the darklands outside Torch City hold ancient evils and dangers, long forgotten by the secluded humans sealed within.


What we have now:

●Graphics - Eerie voxel-but-not-quite world of sharpness and shadow
●Challenges - Environmental hazards, perilous traps and dangers lurking in the night, joined by unique [b]enemies and bosses.
●Upgrades - Intuitive skill tree with a variety of tools and weapons.
●Soundtrack - Original sounds and music tailor made for that epic electropunk feel.
●Level Editor - Fully working, in-house made level editor used daily by our closed beta testers. We may even polish it and post it online!
●Minigames - Short one-time challenges that either offer rewards when solved or trigger deadly traps if misused.
●Storyline - First story arc, complete with 15 unique levels- scenery, cutscenes, dialogues and characters.

Future Development:

●Endless mode - procedurally generated levels and dungeons, for infinite challenges and replayablitiy.
●Play as Amber - (this one's halfway ready) - Relive the same levels with Amber, with different skills and tools - and even more ways to solve puzzles and challenges.
●Four Worlds - from the desolation of the Crumbling Fields, to the Forgotten Mines of Torch City, explore four unique worlds, each with their own personality, foes and brutal challenges.
●Voice acting - at least for Flint and Amber, if not a Narrator and some enemies, we're looking at you Goblin King!
●Skins - costumes to be found around the world, to offer boons if worn. (we currently have 2 of them but they're only palette changes).


Amber: A Quest in Torch Valley is designed for both keyboard and controllers (for the more immersive experience). The game combines elements from a variety of genres, but is a light RPG at heart, focused on exploration, puzzles and storyline. There is no actual death in the game, but falling of a cliff or being maimed by a Goblin is punished either by loss of a potion or by level restart.

Combat is present but not focused on, and there will always be alternatives to meeting foes head on. Flint is not a sturdy individual and he prefers either stealth or wit in dealing with obstacles. He is also quite nimble and many challenges will involve skill and coordination in jumping over moving blades or reaching a high ledge.

There is no inventory, but Flint collects batteries that can be used to upgrade gear, and also potions that are needed to fix mistakes or skip levels. The game will have a number of those, some branching, some linear, and structured in episodes (or worlds) that each tell a part of Flint and Amber's tale.


Original soundtrack, tailored made by our very own talented composer, will get you immersed in the mysterious dark world of Torch Valley. Listen to our main theme here!

More Info

Amber: A Quest in Torch Valley is currently under development by T-Me Games, a small gaming startup. We have been working on Amber since May 2015, adding feature upon feature on what was originally meant to be quite the simple procedural Roguelike platformer.

We've finally stopped adding features about a couple of months ago and are eager to see how it fares. If you enjoy our game and want to see it released, please vote for us!

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Contact us if you love the game, if you hate the game or if you have any idea that you'd like to share. All feedback is valuable to us and we'd love to see your comments!


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