Friday Night Funkin’ Clay Mod

Play the (probably) Best Clay Mod of Friday Night Funkin'!-What's In This Mod?--Week 1 ~ Week 6 (P

Play the (probably) Best Clay Mod of Friday Night Funkin'!

-What's In This Mod?-

-Week 1 ~ Week 6 (Plus More) In Clay!!!

-Over **900** Clay Frames of Animation!!!

-Pixel and Unpixel versions of Week 6!!!

-Bonus Track "I Ain't Got No iPhone"!!!

-Old Clay versions of Tutorial and Week 3's first track!!!

-Cool Kade Engine Stuff!!!

-And "Cool" New Clay Arrows!!!


@mrsbooooomer(That's Me) - Did Some Things... (Sculpting, Cropping, Managing, Game Director, Publisher, etc)

- Assistant Programmer

secondary publisher, consultant, marketing manager

special thanks for

helping and building this site to promote this mod. Truely appreciate it!

-Special Thanks-

Pixelated Art FNF Game!?!? Biggest shoutout to amazing artist Just Gabe for magically transforming clay Senpai and Clay Spirit into this beautiful pixelated artwork. Please support and follow him on his Twitter: also check out his brilliant artwork at

Retrospectgamer - Charting "I Ain't Got No iPhone"

- Kade Engine

YouTube Channel:


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