FNF Nonsensical Friday Night (Vs Nonsense V2) DEMO OUT NOW!!!

Alternate File Sources:Source Code: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ICxH_arDvwR2JJ0W3hSpdZVD

Alternate File Sources:

This mod includes:

  • 4 New Songs

  • New Difficulty

  • Scripted Events

  • Voice-acted animated cutscenes

  • Dabbing

  • your mom

BF and GF broke down my goddamn wall Koolaid style and I'm forced to rap n' stuff so yeh. lol.

this mod took me a month to finish, the game may not run properly because I'm not a really good programmer but I hope it works as intended.

New Mechanic:

Based on your accuracy, the cutscenes
and events would change

Hope you had fun with the mod.

CREDITS (so i don't get sued)

CREDITS FOR THE OLD VERSION (so i don't get sued)

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