The project was cancelled November 12th 2017. Please see our last Devlog update for more details.--

The project was cancelled November 12th 2017. Please see our last Devlog update for more details.

-- Overview --

Overtale is an Undertale fan game that has been in development since November 2015, founded and directed by Adam Chapmanand developed by a team of over 50 dedicated, hard-working fans. The project aims to deliver an original, compelling narrative set 15 years following the events of the first game. It is set to feature many elements from Undertale, such as the Routes system, Bullet Board dodging mechanic and ACT/SPARE system, whilst additionally introducing entirely new characters and mechanics. Rather than continuing the trend of 2D pixel art graphics, Overtale’s visual aesthetic follows a simple but clean 3D cel-shaded style inspired by games such as Journey and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. For more information, please be sure to check out our first Developer Diary video, which goes a little more in-depth into the basics of Overtale’s production and story (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogCvhYDUqt8).

-- Narrative --

Overtale follows a timeline very loosely inspired by the Dreemurr-Reborn comics, in which Frisk sacrificed themself to allow Asriel Dreemurr a second chance at life through the presence of a SOUL. Set 15 years into the future from the events of Undertale, Asriel finds himself drawn into the investigation of increasingly severe waves of unnatural monster aggression. In an effort to defuse the rising problems and keep the peace within already slightly shaky human-monster relations, Asriel joins with new companions Lucas Howard, Tony Roman and Sierra to root out the cause, solve the inner mystery and restore order to the surface.
However, as Asriel quickly discovers, this entire situation may be much more complicated than he could ever have imagined.

-- Key Points --

  • Story ; Overtale features an entirely new, non-canon narrative that aims to deliver fresh takes on the Undertale universe whilst still retaining the comedic atmosphere of the original game.

  • Characters ; A lively and colourful cast of characters, both human and monster alike, await you on the Surface.

  • World ; Players will navigate gorgeous verdant desertscapes, lush countryside vistas and freezing arctic tundras on their journey, complete with plenty of hidden areas to explore and secrets to discover.

  • Engine ; Utilising the power of the Unity 5 game development engine, Overtale aims to craft a unique spin on the original Undertale experience whilst still retaining the core values of what made Toby Fox's work so enjoyable to play.

  • New Mechanics ; Use new skills as you see fit - sacrifice your very life essence to bring others happiness or mercilessly toy with their misery. Your actions will have a direct impact on world events and narrative flow.

  • New Combat ; Experience Overtale's new Four-Man Bullet Board battle system, featuring the return of the FIGHT/ACT/SPARE system with plenty of original twists to shake things up!

  • New Soundtrack ; Enjoy a beautiful new score of immersive tracks composed specifically for Overtale, featuring both arrangements of tracks from Toby Fox's work as well as a myriad of original works from the OvertaleRPG Music Team, including such talents as David Chirol, GuardianSoul, Jeremiah George, Alex Hull and NyxTheShield.

  • Optional Voice Acting ; Breathing life into characters new and old with hand-picked actors, scenes with large narrative important will feature the vocal talents of distinguished and greenhorn actors alike, such as Michael Potok and Civiridian. If the idea of voice acting concerns you, then worry not - players will have the option to disable voice acting entirely in-game.

  • A Beautiful and Diverse World ; Explore a post-barrier universe rich with expansions upon Toby Fox's original lore, featuring large and detailed new locations bursting with activities to engage in.

  • Branching Paths ; True to the original Undertale experience, your decisions - and more importantly actions - dramatically affect story and gameplay.

  • UNDERTALE Save Integration ; We're keeping information on this under wraps for now. You might want to keep your file around!Please keep in mind that this project is entirely non-commercial. There will be no form of payment for any aid, but it will be greatly appreciated and appropriately credited! Any and all work is done on a spare time basis.
    Looking for...

    • Texture Artists

    • 3D Character Modelling Artists

    • Environmental Modelling Artists

    • Animators

    • Level Designers

    • Audio Engineers

    • Programmers (C#)

Applications are all handled here ; http://goo.gl/forms/pwUiFgGTqq

A full guide on what we're looking for and how the process goes for each role can be found here ; [ COMING SOON! ]

Please forward any general queries to overtalerpg@gmail.com!


Reddit ; https://www.reddit.com/r/OvertaleGame/
Twitter ; https://twitter.com/OvertaleRPG
YouTube ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtmh6KDx6VkoRmuIs_pQ4aQ


Wait! Where's Frisk? Why is Asriel not a flower? Is Gaster in the game? Will there be skeletons? Dogs? Quiche?? I have so many questions!

We're sure you do! In order to answer the ones we get the most often, we've put together a FAQ for you all. Please do give it a read!


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