Inverted Fate

.:DISCORD CHAT:. Fate is an AU that asks one simple question: What


Inverted Fate is an AU that asks one simple question: What if Asriel won, but not in the way he expected? The timeline has reset, but the lives of the main six monsters have shifted. Asgore is the kindly caretaker of the Ruins and a friend to all the monsters who live there. Papyrus is the idealistic and enthusiastic lab assistant to the hotblooded and bombastic Dr. Undyne, while his brother climbed the ranks of the Royal Guard, led by the brilliant but socially awkward Captain Alphys. The decisions made by the characters in their new roles have shaped the world into something Flowey cannot so easily predict. Worst of all, he's back at square one without the human souls and without the ability to reset...

But that's okay, because this time around, he'll be Frisk's "best friend" if it means achieving his goals.

Demo 1 release date: ???
Demo 2 release date: ???
Demo 3(?) release date: ???
Game release date: ???




[Depends on how completed the comic is.]

By the way, if you haven't seen Inverted Fate yet, you can check it out here!


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