Swapfell is an AU combination of Underfell and Underswap. The game follows the story of Underswap wi



Swapfell is an AU combination of Underfell and Underswap. The game follows the story of Underswap with a fallen world. This game has its own set of events and choices so don't be surprised to see changes.

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Duncan (@TintedDuncan) - Owner, Concept Artist, Animator, Ganda Artist


Once upon a time...

The planet Earth was dominated by two species,

Humans and monsters.

Both were able to co-exist in harmony,

But it wasnt soon before that harmony broke.

So the two led a long and gruesome battle,

The humans were victorious and sealed the Monsters deep underground.

But many years later...

Mt. Ebott 201X.

Stories of the mountain have been passed around.

They say those who climb it,

Never come back...


Major roles

Frisk ~ Chara

Flowey ~Temmie

Toriel ~ Asgore

Napstablook ~Mettaton

Sans ~ Papyrus

Undyne ~ Alphys

Monster Kid ~ Asriel

Minor Roles

Gaster ~ River Person

Mad Dummy ~ Ruins Dummy

Grilby ~ Muffet

Nice Cream Guy ~ BurgerPants


Q- Will this be a full game?
A- Yes we aren't too sure if it will be released via chapters or in full but it will be said soon.

Q- When will this project be released?
A- We don't have a goal to give you but expect frequent updates on it.

Q- Will the areas be different to Underswap?
A- Of course it will. We plan to design completely new areas using the themes of Underswap areas.

Q- Will this be available on Linux or Mac?
A- We are working on a Windows version but it could possibly happen.

Q- Can I join your Team?
A- Maybe if we set up a Discord, but for now applications will stay on Gamejolt.

Q- Will this be a free game ?
A- Its a fan-game so it would have to be.

Q- Will this be available in other languages?
A- Sadly no, unless someone is willing to translate the entire game, then there will be no translation.

Q- Is this copying [UT fangame]?
A- Nope, we wouldn't take heavy inspiration from another project without credit.

Q- What engine does this use?
A- It uses Clickteam Fusion and Game Maker 2.


Thanks to Toby Fox for creating UNDERTALE.

Thanks to popcornpr1nce for creating UNDERSWAP.

Thanks to Fella for creating UNDERFELL.

Thanks to kkhoppang for creating SWAPFELL.

Thanks to ShadowLancer for Charas inspiration.

And thanks to you for reading this.

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