This is a fan game of #undertale(and ink sans)Game author:ZYDCN (Maybe this line can be omitted)Musi

This is a fan game of #undertale(and ink sans)

Game author:ZYDCN (Maybe this line can be omitted)

Music:【Inktale + We Finna Box】SHANGHAIVANIA

INK sans spirit by:奶猹XD

Cover author:bones

Music writer:Valor Genesect

I'm sorry, I used your music without your authorization. . .

The inspiration for this game comes from

I don't think he has your authorization. . .

But when I realized it, I had already started making this game.

I also looked for you on YouTube and found your contact information,

but unfortunately my network can't support me to use that software.

I hope you can forgive me. . .

Because I like this music, I made this game.

I'm sorry. . .

Hello, everyone, here is bones(Cover author),

,although the cover is said to be open performance as a song drawing, but also to find me to authorize, please search in the bilibili search for 我素叶子哒, thank you for your cooperation 

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