Five Nights at Fang's REIMAGINED

ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICEThis FNAF fangame is non-profit. Fang's Reimagined is a reimagining o


This FNAF fangame is non-profit. Fang's Reimagined is a reimagining of the first version of Five Nights at Fang's before the countless reboots I attempted in the past. The story is rewritten, models have been improved, and most importantly made with love and care just like the original version!


A year after a series of tragic incidents that happened at “Fang and Friends Pizza Parlor” they announced the reopening of its establishment. CEO Melchior Sepulveda said “It’s great to be back in working order again. Hopefully, we can learn from our previous mistakes, and kick our competition into the ground.”

After 5 months of an in-depth investigation and numerous trials, the case has gone cold. To this day it is still unknown who or what caused the missing children incident at Fang and Friends Pizza Parlor.


- Story/Lore, Ideas/suggestions, Custom night Renders, and helping in general.

- Minor Coding, Feedback, Models, Tester

- Feedback, Models, Tester

- Feedback, models, description adjustments, Tester

/ jeff - Children Drawings and Story/Lore

- Whining and Complaining

Voice Work Credits

- Phone Guy

/ jeff - Fang

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