Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-Palooza!

Check out my other games here! https://gamejolt.com/@Mersox/gamesIt’s Pizza Time! Teenage Mutant N

Check out my other games here! https://gamejolt.com/@Mersox/games

It’s Pizza Time! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-Palooza is a free fan-made beat-em-up game based on the TMNT! An update and homage to the classic NES titles, with tons of characters playable for the first time!

Vital Tortistics:

  • 60 playable characters

  • 17 stages

  • 4 Bonus stages

  • 4-player local coop

  • Improved graphics

  • Voice clips from the TV show

  • Rideable vehicles

  • Countless references to the original TMNT cartoon and toyline!

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/merso_x_games
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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: RESCUE-PALOOZA! is a non-profit project created by fans, and is in no way affiliated with Viacom, Nickelodeon, Mirage Studios, Konami, Ultra Games, Lionsgate, Fred Wolf Films, Stan Sakai, or Playmates Toys.


  • Developed by Merso X

  • OpenBOR scripts and support: Bloodbaneand O Ilusionista

  • Music: "Construction Stage" and "Technodrome Boss" by Powder AKA Casey Jones, "Channel 6 Stage" by Cosmic Gem, "Sewer Surfin’" byCoatlesscarl, "Star Base" by ChiptunedRaijin

  • Sprites ripped by: Merso X, Tom Guycott, chiasm, Mario Gamer, Mepheal, redblueyellow, nsw25, retrogamezone.net, GaBoTiCo, Enscripture, belial, WernerWarhead14, Dolphman, Cabanaman, A.J. Nitro

  • Mouser and Venom base sprites and programming fromthe mod “TMNT 8 BIT RECOLORED AND EXTENDED”by GaBoTiCo

  • Prologue written by Merso X and Alexx (toysandtomfoolery.blogspot.com)

  • Epilogue written by The Sewer Den (http://www.thesewerden.com/)

  • PATRONS: Skip Wescott, Oldmanwinters , Paul Brown, Aaron Meredith, James Hollie, NintenJoe, The Geek Critique, Nielzabub, Natsu x Ken, Alex Galarza, David Reeder, Toben Alexander, Jelly, Bobby MacGibbon, Bryan Sime, Kenny Benjamin, Trevor, Joe Hamilton


  • To Mirage Studios, Fred Wolf Films, Playmates Toys, Konami, and everyone involved in 80’s and 90’s Turtlemania

  • The awesome and helpful OpenBOR community

  • All Merso X followers on social media

  • Oldmanwinters, for providing numerous resources for this project

  • To my dear wife, for her patience!

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