Pokémon Destiny

POKEMON DESTINY is an anime inspired 3d adventure game. Currently in development using unreal engine

POKEMON DESTINY is an anime inspired 3d adventure game. Currently in development using unreal engine. The game features Open world, Real-time battle system, Dynamic weather system, With Single-Player/Co-Op/Multiplayer playability.

This is a very heavily story driven game. Story which takes places in an entirely new region and among entirely new characters. The game also features Pokemon from gen1 to gen4, New Pokemon, Mega evolution, Pokemon fusions.. and 3 new Legendary Pokemon!

Be a part of this entirely new adventure in a completely new and stunningly beautiful world.. which soon, will be yours to explore!

Release Date: TBD

GOAL OF THE PROJECT is to convince Pokemon company to make this an official project and publish it on PC and Consoles. No matter how less the chances are for that to happen, we are committed to deliver atleast the demo for the public to get the taste of what we are capable of making.

All the assets are handcrafted and only Pocket monsters and the name Pokemon is being used in the game which is necessary to keep us aligned with our ultimate goal. Since we are using almost everything of our own: the script, character, concepts, music, sfx, visual effects, props, environments etc. It'll be easier for us to change the game into our very own, more original Pokemon inspired game, in-case our effort doesn't bear fruit.

Pokemon or Not-Pokemon, we have big plans for the project, and waiting for the day when we can get it out officially.

Thank you for all the love and support.

Make sure to follow us here for more frequent updates:

Discord: https://discord.gg/ReCSm2Ruy9
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/veerpokemon
Twitter: http://twitter.com/VeerPokemon
Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/veerpokemon
Deviantart: http://pokemon-destiny.deviantart.com/


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