Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64

Super Galaxy Guardian LunaA nostalgic shooter adventure!…Its

Super Galaxy Guardian Luna

A nostalgic shooter adventure!

Its time to return to the late 90's! A time where low polygons and big pixels ruled.

Super Galaxy Guardian Luna is a third-person-shooter/adventure game, taking place across several worlds. You play as Luna a new Guardian recruit just out of the Academy. You travel across the galaxy in her personal ship liberating worlds from the massive Xhomic Empire. Meeting new species and friends along the way.

Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64


Hub World
12 unique and colorful worlds to visit/discover
Retro styled cutscenes
Vehicle combat
Race minigame
Arena minigame
Mech battle minigame
VR survival minigame
Weapon upgrades
Character customization

Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64

Its 2017, why the return to the 90's?

The Fifth Generation of Consoles were my fondest gaming memory, with the N64 being my all time favorite console from this generation. When I think of think video game art, this is the theme I think of the most. This prompted me to try to build something new that brings me back to the Low poly, pixelated textures, colorful worlds, and cheesy 90's dialogue that made me fall into games when I was younger.

Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64


On foot:

WSAD - move
Mouse - look/aim
Left Click - shoot/select
Space - jump
Esc - pause


WAD - move/rotate
Left Click - shoot
Esc - pause


WS - move foward/backward
AD - rotate legs
Mouse - rotate torso/look
Space - jump
Left Click - shoot auto beam x4
Right Click - shoot misiles
Esc - pause

Universe Map:

Mouse - rotate ship
Left Click - select/travel to
Esc - return to ship

Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64


For PC and OSX.



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