Barbarium - a post-apocalyptic action platformerOverview:Barbarium is a free action platformer, set

Barbarium - a post-apocalyptic action platformer


Barbarium is a free action platformer, set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the man with the fastest lasergun and the biggest sword is the king.

Travel across exotic enviroments, kicking ass and saving girls. Fight towering bosses, drink beer, and enjoy a casual chat with the locals!


-Action-packed gameplay

-Over 25 enemies

-Diverse enviroments

-Different sword types

-Multiple endings

-Genuine “triple-A” experience (in a 1990 perspective)

-Unlockable cheat mode


Other stuff:

I’ve been working on this game all by myself for almost two years. After my son was born, I decided that it was time to start and try to make my dreams of developing a game into a reality.

I had zero programming experience, but I think this game is a prime example of it not affecting shit. When you have a urge to do something, you should just go on and do it. Even if its a game about jetpacking barbarians with laserguns…

I found out about Stencyl and have been developing Barbarium with it from that point onward. Now the game is finished, and all I can wish for is to people to play it.

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