Vote for Erusal on Steam Greenlight!Best experienced alone, in a dark room, and while wearing headph

Vote for Erusal on Steam Greenlight!

Best experienced alone, in a dark room, and while wearing headphones.

Abandoned by your firends, you leave for the day to tear up a new part of the mountains on your quad bike.It feels good to be outdoors.The wind whipping past makes you feel alive.You weave between the sparse trees.Then, a harsh pain across your chest.There was a cable tied between those last two trees.The bike keeps going, but you are stopped mid-air.Then you fall into darkness.You wake up dazed.There is a woman outside digging...but digging what?It doesn't feel right.You have to get out of here!

Discover the secrets of the town of Erusal, escape a horrible maniac, and get spooked by this epistolary horror.

Minimum requirements: i5 processor, Nvidia GTX765M, 4 GB RAM 2 GB hard drive space

Thank you for playing! Please rate and comment to let me know what you think of the game, and if you have some more time please try my other games by going to my profile page:

#horror #spooky #scary #note #notes #diary #journal #epistolary #ambience #creepy

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