Space Pirate Dernshous

Music is by Jack King-SpoonerDernshous was basically what I liked from Escape Velocity, which was se

Music is by Jack King-Spooner

Dernshous was basically what I liked from Escape Velocity, which was seeing little spaceships flying around and shooting and docking at space stations, and the idea of going aboard other ships. So that's pretty much what Dernshous is, but I feel like it's still too much of a conventional game that it doesn't work how I'd like. I think I would've preferred it narrowed down more with a stronger focus rather than being half a normal space game. Dernshous was almost meant to be a much simpler version of Slumos, my other space flying game, but it got out of hand as well. I included an old version of the game because I kind of like the looser under-done feel of it, I often feel like I lose something as I try and refine my games, so the older version could remind me of what I was going for / ideas I had earlier, as I was getting a bit lost with what to focus on.

if you downloaded this from my twitter post a while ago, dw about it, it's the same thing I haven't added anything new.

But the again, maybe more content is the answer, like more mini-games similar to boarding ships.

****Sorry for any glitches!**


  • Fixed ship getting stuck at bottom of the screen glitch

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