We recommend that you grab a pen and paper for you to fully enjoy this gameWalkthrough!Above is a fi

We recommend that you grab a pen and paper for you to fully enjoy this game


Above is a first person puzzle adventure game developed by Conundrum Games, it's set in an alien and magical world on an island floating in the sky. Our focus has been on creating puzzles that are difficult and challenging, and not that hard to find or require the player to find a bunch of items. We've tried to make the puzzles foreign, because we want the player to figure out their functionality by themselves.

We've also tried to make the game modular, so that the player never feels stuck at one place. If something is too difficult at the time, the player can move on to another part and come back later to try again. Though, all the different parts of the island need to be completed to get to the end of the game.

The puzzles have not been our only focus, we've spent a lot of time making the game world vibrant and rich in atmosphere. All of the different disciplines have worked closely together, to ensure that everyone has had the same vision of the game at all times. In doing so, we hope that we have created a coherent world and challenging game mechanics.

The team behind Above :

Design and Game Writing

Daniel Dalebjörk - Lead

Haqvin Bager

Mikael Ryding


Simon Hedström - Lead

Mattias Andersson

Jesper Mathiason


Evelina Waara - Lead & Animation

Sara Fjellstedt - 3D

Amanda Merlenius - 3D

Frida Johansson - 2D

Sofie Irenheim - 2D


My Ehrsköld

Per-Emil Fritzén


Vile Hartman - Lead & Project Manager

Alexander Nilsson

Install instructions

How to Download/Install:

Download and Unzip in a location of your choice.
Grab pen and paper to make notes (we recommend that you do)
Run Above.exe
Play the game!

  • If you own a Oculus Rift , connect it (there is problems with the menus so make sure you setup the game before playing).

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