Going Medieval

Build a multi-story fortress out of clay, wood, and stone. Your villagers will have needs, feelings,

Build a multi-story fortress out of clay, wood, and stone. Your villagers will have needs, feelings, and agendas shaped by the world and its history, and it's up to you to keep them content and sane. Help your villagers claim and defend their own piece of land in this alternate medieval history colony sim game!

Going Medieval

About game

In the year 1346, the known world was struck by a calamity known as Black Death. By the end of the 14th century, 95% of the population perished due to disease, famine, and religious persecution.

Self-proclaimed divine crusades purged the land of those deemed to be responsible for the end of days, sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of those that remained. Most major cities were razed to the ground.

Groups of survivors slowly emerged from society’s ashes, migrating and re-settling areas reclaimed by nature. You get to guide such a group and protect them from outlaws, barbarians, and religious fanatics in a classless, borderless, lawless post-calamity age.

Key features:

  • Design and grow your settlement from a small wooden hut to a sprawling stone castle.

  • Protect your villagers from the elements by building shelter and stocking up on supplies.

  • 3d terrain and building systems let you create underground caverns and multi-story forts.

  • Optimize your villagers and production lines by establishing roles they are best suited for.

  • Increase your populace by helping out strangers in dangerous situations or taking in like-minded travelers.

  • Take care of your villagers - a happy villager needs food, sleep, comfort, and safety. - Their mood will be affected if they lack these things.

  • Your villagers have personal histories and agendas. Get to know them by observing their behavior and relationships with others.

  • Defend your village from foes by building impenetrable defenses or strategically placed archers and traps.


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