Realm of Rulers

BECOME A RULERRealm of Rulers is an early access Multiplayer Medieval Fantasy City Building game whe


Realm of Rulers is an early access Multiplayer Medieval Fantasy City Building game where you are the baron of a new town. Your job is to manage your town's resources and population to try and create a world with others or by yourself that will control itself through NPC interactions, AI gathering, refining and construction.

Do not trust other sources as this is the only safe place to download the game!




This game has been in development since the 1st of December 2016. All graphics features and gameplay are subject to improvement and change!

User Feedback

As the game is early access features are still being implemented. If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear it! We have a new forum so post your feedback here: http://forums.realmofrulers.co.uk


  • Action | Keys

  • Movement | WASD

  • Menu | Esc

  • Interact / Use | F

  • Build Menu | V

  • Inventory | B or I

  • Harvest | LMB

  • Rotate Building Left | Q

  • Rotate Building Right | E

  • Place Building | F

Known Issues For The Current Version

  • Durability does not save on tools that are dropped in multiplayer.

  • Fall damage does not work in multiplayer.

  • Outlaws disappear when defeated in multiplayer.

  • Player name tag can change to Unknown Ruler when joining a server with only the host connected.

  • Buildings sometimes spawn underground

Bug Submit:

Place all bugs and suggestions in the forum: http://forums.realmofrulers.co.uk/


Mathew Hill: Programmer
Lewis Taylor: Game Artist


Ollie Coulling-Green: 3D Assets
Chris Forbes: Level Design and Blueprints
Leah Cannon: 2D Art

Copyright 2018 © Alchemical Interactive

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