Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!

Holey Suit is a physics based #retro #scifi #survival game with quirky controls!You are the only sur

Holey Suit is a physics based #retro #scifi #survival game with quirky controls!

You are the only survivor after your ship was blown apart by a vicious alien attack. Your only hope: reach the escape pod before your oxygen runs out.Follow the pointer on your HUD to the pod and avoid the aliens patrolling the wreckage!

Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!


Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!

In space you have only one way to move: click to shoot & propel yourself backwards.Right click will use your suit's propeller; Left click will shoot whatever weapon you have equipped.Avoid hitting debris as this makes you bounce and lose momentum; every second counts!

You HUD indicates your oxygen and energy levels.Energy slowly regenerates; Oxygen constantly depletes.Pointers indicate the nearest equipment crates & O2 bottles.The largest pointer is directed towards the escape pod, as well as indicates the distance in meters to reach it.Note there is an in-game tutorial to get familiar with the mechanics.

There are several difficulty modes.Classic Survivor is the casual mode, Hardcore Henry and Oxygen Not Included are aimed at hardcore players.

Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!


Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!
  • Pick from twelve distinct characters, each promoting a different game style.

  • Randomly generated levels for unlimited replayability.

  • Ten weapons to choose from, from simple lasers to deadly tracker missiles!

  • Three difficulty modes for added challenge: easy, hardcore or against the clock.

  • Rescue and equip survivors, create your own little squad & fight aliens!

  • Unlocks & XP: play your way to the best weapons and characters in the game.

  • Minimalist, pixel-art graphics. Don't be fooled, these cute little aliens are deadly!

Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!

This is a free game built as a hobby project.How to support the game if you like it?Leave comments or follow

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I will be posting regular dev blogs on the game & other projects.Stay tuned + check hotchpotch.games for updates.


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