EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage

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A game of camouflage where you can’t see yourself. Change colors to hide, dodge predators, and survive intense bosses in the abstract wilderness of stealth non-bullet hell. Lose the ability to see where you are, and learn to feel and know where you’re going.

EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage

Being out in the open is unsafe. Avoid detection to survive. Switch between light and dark forms to camouflage, but careful: you won’t be able to see yourself either.

Entrancing World
Begin defenseless, but evolve into something greater. Progress through different branching paths across 11 procedurally generated areas. Disappear into the psychedelic minimalist design and atmospheric soundscapes.

Intense Bosses
Each area introduces new predators and parasites. Everything is much more powerful than you, but everything has a weakness.

Collect all the Fieldnotes. Beat the Daily Challenge. Discover the fastest routes. Shoot ‘em up without shooting. Bullet hell without bullets. See without looking. Die and evolve.

“... you’re completely invisible, making it a tense, twitchy, but also very zen-like type of affair.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“It’s a mix of chill bullet-hell intensity diced with fight-or-flight stealth.”
Kill Screen

“Channel’s nature’s beauty and brutality into a stealth game.”

EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage

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