Zombie Movie

GAMEPLAY VIDEO: http://www.livestream.com/edmgames/video?clipId=pla_d7175604-11bb-4058-8c6f-174455f9

GAMEPLAY VIDEO: http://www.livestream.com/edmgames/video?clipId=pla_d7175604-11bb-4058-8c6f-174455f9cd2a

*Zombie Movie ***is an intense isometric shooter that takes place during the filming of a famous (and obviously), a-lot-of-dead-zombies type movie. Your goal is to make as much points as possible by killing different zombie types during about 6 minutes.**

First of all, the game starts with a movie director telling instructions to the main character, the hero (you). Throughout this movie, your goal is to kill as much zombies as you can. To do so, you will be procured weapons as you progress (kill zombies) through the 6 minutes 30 seconds maximum length movie. In other words, you have 00:06:30 to kills as much zombies as you can.

Your overall score as well as other statistics will determine if the movie was appreciated or not. In order to make as much points as you can, you got to stay as near as you can to the helicopter's shadow (where the director is filming from). By doing so, the camera will record a better image of your actions, therefore, you may earn up to ten times the points you could of earned by killing a zombie. You can also earn bonus points from streaks. Streaks are obtained when you kill more than one zombie in a row (sniper may be useful for that type of combo).

That's all, I will let you discover the rest. Careful, this game is hard and requires strategy.

Here are some information you might be interested in:

150 kills = Sniper Rifle
550 Kills = Rocket Launcher
1250 kills = surprise weapon (not a big surprise)

The game features online high score. Hopefully, we will meet you there :).

From the NextDoorGames' team,

Have fun!

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