Black Sand Drift

BLACK SAND DRIFT (now with controller support!)For over 300 years, the five planets of the Kotiro ga

BLACK SAND DRIFT (now with controller support!)

For over 300 years, the five planets of the Kotiro galaxy and its citizens have struggled under the heavy hand of maniacal, mechanical bots called Spiral. As the metallic army's relentless pursuit of the resource Black Sand begins ramping up exponentially, a few brave heroes decide to fight back.

Enter Black Sand Drift: A wholly unique shooter built from the ground up with the PC in mind. So what makes this SHMUP stand out from the crowd? Well, to begin with, there is a heavy emphasis on characters and story; and through the 25 levels spanning 5 different locals, the dialog driven narrative will play out with lots of interesting and strange revelations culminating in a spectacularly whimsical finale.

Created with the keyboard in mind, using the WASD in combination with the SPACEBAR feels tight and responsive; a must for any game challenging you with leaderboards. And because there are 25 separate local and online boards to tackle, you will appreciate the smooth controls. The ARROW keys are also available as an alternative; however, no controller inputs are supported at this time.

The music consists of 25 tracks—1 for each level—featuring guitars, bass, drums and vocals; a rarity for such games of the same creed. Every aspect of Black Sand Drift has been intentionally tweaked to present you with something wholly unique from anything you've played before.

Between the music, controls, graphics, breadth of story and overall experience, I hope you find something here that truly inspires and evokes the emotions we all crave as dedicated gamers. Thank you for checking out Black Sand Drift!


  • The installer and executable of the game Black Sand Drift

  • Digital manual

  • 2-Disc, 26-track original soundtrack

  • Liner notes

  • 47-page art book

BSD does not take advantage of the GameJolt achievements/trophies/etc.

I would love to remedy such things, and I'll keep you updated if anything changes on this front!

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