Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger

Has work been feeling more tiring than usual? Your mood, confusing and uneasy? Losing the

Has work been feeling more tiring than usual? 

Your mood, confusing and uneasy? 

Losing the confidence to speak up when you want to? 

Then it sounds like you need our newly patented ★DREAM THERAPY★! 

The genius of Dr. Krueger shines again with his newest revolutionary breakthrough therapeutic sessions. Allow Krueger’s new treatment to tackle the toughest cases of mental disorder (peer-review pending) and fears in our ever changing day to day world. The genius lies not only within Krueger's stunning techniques as a therapist, but also with what he calls “Dream Therapy”, combining breakthrough neuron technology with his closely held therapy principals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your therapy today!

As required by G2 law we must inform that this therapy may contain aspects that certain patients may find uncomfortable:

  • Jumpscares

  • Loud noises

  • Disturbing and flashing images

  • Implied violence

  • Cartoon gore

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Other contributors:

  • Harmless (music)

  • Michael Brazeau (ad narration)


  • Gambas (Spanish)

  • SHADE TV - 공포게임 쉐이드TV & Bridget - 정연 (Korean)

  • 林尧 & 丞珞 (Chinese)

  • obatatsu (Japanese)

  • he2wobuun (Russian)

  • Maïlys, Ella & Aymeric (French)

  • Phymos - Yumeshi Novel (Turkish)

  • Rance Guertena (Portuguese)

  • Domtastick & Keyli Yuy (Italian)

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