Buggy League

Basic Default ControlsArrow Keys | Drive buggy (player one)Space | Pause, unpauseLetter V | Change c

  • Basic Default Controls

  • Arrow Keys | Drive buggy (player one)

  • Space | Pause, unpause

  • Letter V | Change camera view (V as in the word "view")

  • All controls can be seen and customized in the in-game Options menu.

Buggy League

GameJolt exclusive
GameJolt Featured Game on 7/29/17

Game Description

Buggy League is a unique, retro, futuristic buggy-racing game. Races take place inside force fields on space stations and barren planets.

Game Features

  • 30 race tracks. Try for 1st place against the computer racers of Normal or Easy difficulty.

  • 23 challenge levels. Navigate obstacles, find all of the checkpoints, figure out how to make it to the end.

  • Time Trial mode, which records your best lap time as a ghost, and allows you to race alongside it or watch it's replay.

  • Every level has a fast lap time that I've challenged you to beat.

  • Every level has my best lap time (and ghost) that I bet you can't beat!

  • Every level has an orange flag hidden somewhere to collect.

  • Buggy damage. Panels come off, wheels bend, and the buggy can even explode.

  • Local Multiplayer (split-screen) with 2 to 4 players. Race against eachother, or cooperate to dominate the ranks against the computer racers. Also, the computer racers can be turned off for multiplayer in the in-game Options menu.

  • Spectate mode, including freely controllable camera.

  • Tour cameras, to automatically show you around the levels.

  • Minimaps, so you can see where everyone is, at a glance! Also, they can be turned on and off in the in-game Options menu.

  • Customizable buggy colors and driver. Choose any color for your buggy's body and frame, and choose from a list of 26 different drivers.

  • 3 different driving cameras. (1) following camera, (2) strict following camera (for going upsidedown), and (3) cockpit camera, each with a rear-view camera.

  • I approximate that it will take you over 10 hours to beat the game!

  • GameJolt trophies!

  • GameJolt Scoreboards for your best TimeTrial on every level!

Technical Features

  • Should run fine on an average computer (using Normal graphics quality).

  • Easy to learn, with simple controls.

  • Playable with a keyboard (mouse optional), or a gamepad. You can customize the controls from the in-game Options menu.

  • Graphical Quality settings from the pre-game menu, including adjustable resolution and fullscreen capability.

  • The black outlines (cartoon lines, cellshading, etc) can be turned on and off in the in-game Options Menu.

  • Sound and Music volume controls in the in-game Options menu.

  • "Silent Engines" option in the in-game Options menu (in case the engine sounds start to bother you).

  • 2 player split-screen can be split vertically or horizontally, in the in-game Options menu.

  • "Game Speed" option allows you to run the game up to 150% speed.

  • Known problems

  • Working on it. | The game might crash when there's a lot of action, or during level transition. Not using High Graphics Quality might fix this.

  • Unfixable. | Some text might become jumbled and unreadable, or not display.

  • Unfixable. | Althought the 4 players have different sets of keyboard buttons to play with, a typical keyboard will only register about 6 buttons pressed at once. Therefore, only 2 players can use the keyboard simultaneously.

Developer Message

Hello, Arc here 🙂 As a solo developer teaching themselves how to do this, it took years of struggle to make this game. Thanks for playing, I really hope you enjoy it.

During it's first year, my game had a $2 price tag. To those who purchased it: your support means a lot to me, thank you very much.

  • Credits

  • Game Director | ArcDusky

  • Game Design | ArcDusky

  • Game Programming | ArcDusky

  • Buggy Designs | ArcDusky

  • Buggy Driver Designs | ArcDusky

  • Race Track Designs | ArcDusky

  • Challenge Designs | ArcDusky

  • Scene Design | ArcDusky

  • 3D Modeling | ArcDusky

  • Model Skinning | ArcDusky

  • Model Textures | ArcDusky

  • Special Effects | ArcDusky

  • Optimization | ArcDusky

  • Controls | ArcDusky

  • Save Data | ArcDusky

  • Local Multiplayer | ArcDusky

  • Menu Director | ArcDusky

  • Menu Design | ArcDusky

  • Menu Programming | ArcDusky

  • Menu Graphics | ArcDusky

  • Sound Effects Director | ArcDusky

  • Sound Effects | ArcDusky

  • Music Director | ArcDusky

  • Song 1, "Buggy Rock" | ArcDusky

  • Song 2, "My Last Race" | ArcDusky

  • Song 3, "Turf Battle" | ArcDusky

  • Song 4, "Lawnmower" | ArcDusky

  • Song 5, "Giant Tires" | ArcDusky

  • Song 6, "Flying Menace" | ArcDusky

  • Song 7, "Punk Life" | ArcDusky

  • Song 8, "Monster On a Moped" | ArcDusky

  • Fast Times | ArcDusky

  • ArcDusky's Times | ArcDusky

  • Tour Cameras | ArcDusky

  • Playtesters | ArcDusky, KetDusky

  • GameJoltAPI Wrapper | loicteixeira

  • GameJolt Integration | ArcDusky

  • GameJolt Trophy Art | ArcDusky

  • Game made with Unity. Thanks to the Unity Community.

  • Sound and Music made with LMMS. Thanks to the LMMS Community.

  • Models made with Blender. Thanks to the Blender Community.

  • Hosted by GameJolt. Thanks to the GameJolt Community.

  • Thanks to KetDusky.

  • Thanks to my parents.

  • Thanks for playing!

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