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Fast paced dungeon crawler with Roguelike and RPG elements, featuring highly competitive hi-score sy

Fast paced dungeon crawler with Roguelike and RPG elements, featuring highly competitive hi-score system with statistics and over 50 collectable cards (Trophies).

Descend into the Underground to find and engage the Dungeon Lord in the most "brutal" boss fight! Lead a Knight, Ranger, Cleric and Wizard into the depths of a tough and crowded randomly-generated network of dark caves, deep chasms and dangerous dungeons, but beware! There are no potions in this RPG, however there is plenty of beer to drink at the tavern. Cheers!


  • Full Screen

  • Music and Sound Control

  • Advanced Difficulty Option

Mouse or Touch Controls:

  • Point-Tap-Click to Walk-Take-Attack in the desired location.

  • Point-Tap-Click on any unit in your party to Activate abilities and Spells.

Keyboard Controls: Arrow keys & Num-pad support,

Q W E - A S D - Z X C-left handed player
U I O - J K L - M < > - right handed player


K , 1 , 7 - Knight defend,
Y , 2 , 8 - Ranger aim,
N , 3 , 9 - Wizard prepare to cast spell,
H , 4 , 0 - Cleric Heal / Protect instantly,
SPACE , ENTER , B - take item, enter tavern

UI Shortcuts:

O - Hi-Score;
G - Settings;
R - Cards,
V - View Info Tab,
5 - Sound,
6 - Music,
~ - Quit,
Y - Yes,
N - No,
F - Fullscreen,
Esc - Cancel

Unit Types:

  1. Knight (Fighter) - uses shields and blocks attacks; critical;

  2. Ranger (Archer) - can shoot at enemies from distance; dodge shots; critical;

  3. Wizard (Spell Caster) - harm entire enemy party with powerful magic;

  4. Cleric (Healer) - heal damaged allies (or revives fallen ones); protect spell;


When you target archers and spell-casters in the enemy party, you must first break through that party's defense - usually a tough melee unit that protects the others - the closest one. No matter how you approach the enemy party it will rotate to face you with their leader (guardian). Use your archer shooting and your wizard's magic to strike regardless any enemy defense. In the same logic your Knight is the damage buffer of your party, because he can block up to three melee attacks with his shield. Beware that enemy archers prefer to shot at your weaker units and the enemy spell-casters harm your entire party.

Leaderboard and Cards:

There is a highly competitive and complex Hi-Score system, supported by statistics and over 50 Cards to collect (Trophies). Depending on the Game Mode, your score could be reduced if you revive fallen allies, but there is a special Insane Mode for the hardcore players (Roguelike)! For reference the most difficult Card to be obtained is when you clear the game without using Resurrection at all. Enjoy!

Tags: #strategy, #dungeon, #retro, #pixel, #roguelike, #adventure


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