Main Features:3 Single Player Campaign LevelsPlay against Enemy AI throughout the StoryStrategically

Main Features:

  • 3 Single Player Campaign Levels

  • Play against Enemy AI throughout the Story

  • Strategically emphasized Gameplay

  • A Unique Art style

  • Hot-seat Multiplayer Game Mode (2 Players)

  • and also, a sweet duck floating around level 1

A Different Strategy Game

Reprisal combines turn based mechanics that are familiar to many but combines this with unique mechanics that provide a unique gaming experience.


Combat in Reprisal is different as it occurs at the end of turns. Each unit possesses its own unique range and any enemy (or allied unit) caught within one of these attack ranges will be struck upon ending the turn. Each unit may also 'terraform' which allows them to affect the battlefield in some meaningful way with the use of Anima.

Resources - Anima

Resources in Reprisal are called Anima and is a replenishing resource that does not accumulate, at the start of each turn if it is under your control. The method for capturing these resources promotes a hectic small battlefield as both sides may capture the resource simultaneously.


The player (and enemy) will almost always have one of these in their armies and they are the most important unit as losing the general ends the game for the player. However, they are much more than mere loss conditions as they serve as the spawn point for the player - by consuming Anima, the general is able to warp inadditional reinforcements and is a powerful fighter in his own right.

A story with intrigue (that is to be continued)

Experience the fictional world of Lunalim and the story of Axzan: A powerful general in the New Lumino Army, and its crusade to gather all the magical Anima crystals to control the Broken land with an Iron Fist.

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