Dungeon of Zaar

///// OPEN BETA NOW LIVE ON STEAM follow the link bellowhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/613590/D

///// OPEN BETA NOW LIVE ON STEAM follow the link bellow

We're KURB Studio and we are making this game called Dungeon of Zaar. With this game, we wish to bring together the quick online games and friendly design of a title like Hearthstone with the challenging tactical gameplay of XCOM.

It's a turn-based and squad-based tactical focused on PvP, in which you lead a team of mercenaries to wealth and victory... or death and oblivion, depending on your strategic skills.

What we think really makes our game stand out is the strategic depthit provides for games lasting only 15mins on average and while being built on only a few straightforward mechanics:

  • A wide variety of compositions available: The demo features 9 playable mercenaries (we aim for 15 on release day) and you can have the same character twice in your team. Do you go for the ultra-aggressive compo, immediately punishing any opponent caught out of position? Or knights and healers to out-sustain the enemy team?

  • Interactive arenas: Obstacles, holes, lines of sight, loot bags: to win, you need to use the ground to your advantage. Moreover, each arena has a specific twist. For instance, the Foundry revolves around fires tiles damaging the mercenaries standing on it.

  • Fast-paced: You got 90 seconds to make your moves. While it might seems enough at first, it rarely is. Range, abilities, movement capacity and power of all five of your ennemies have to be quickly analysed before doing the same thing with yours, while taking into account objects and environment. And any error will likely cause the death of one member of your team. No pressure, tho.

  • No RNG involved: We envision strategy games as battles of wits, not coin tosses. We also believe RNG might get really frustrating for the player when it decides too often who will win (well, it is the case for us at least).

We have released a pre-alpha demo, showing the multiplayer part and letting people interested by the concept of Dungeon of Zaar try and give us their feedback.You can play either in local mode with a friend (or alone) to experiment the game peacefully (click on the timer to pause it). Multiplayer works fine most of the time, but it’s still a bit unstable. Critics and comments on what works and what does not for you would be super appreciated, and suggestions are always welcomed.

We think around 40% of the game is done. We recently launched a Kickstarter and a Greenlight campaign. Thanks to the awesome steam's community, we have already been greenlit, but the Kickstarter is still going on, if you wish to help us gather the necessary funds to finish the game.

I dislike Kickstarters on principle, but if I were the type to kick back cash to these projects, this might be one I’d consider because of its slick-looking interface and the professionalism of it all. - Rock Paper Shotgun

Thanks for reading, and ask us anything and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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