The Tower at Tortenna

Winner of Dreamhack Jam 2017!-There is a tower at the heart between the towns of Cwethsil, Tortenna,

Winner of Dreamhack Jam 2017!


There is a tower at the heart between the towns of Cwethsil, Tortenna, Pizbürg, Lofli and Hyndima.

It holds the last remnants of an empty world, and the link to a thousand others.

All it requires to awake is the right signal.


The Tower at Tortenna is a short first person exploration game where you pick your way amongst the ruins of a cloud-bound tower. Among the dust, secrets wait to be uncovered, ancient machines slumber, and a silent history hides in plain sight.

The surrounding towns of Cwethsil, Tortenna, Pizbürg, Lofli and Hyndima have been abandoned, and with the tower at Tortenna lying at their geographical intersection, this ancient and mysterious sanctuary holds the last grain of resolution for those seeking the truth.

"An impressively made, puzzley walking sim set in a believably constructed tower environment." - PC Gamer

"A very relaxing experience.......taking in the beautiful vistas and marvelling at the architecture." - alphabetagamer

The Tower at Tortenna is available for PC and Mac.

WASD + Mouse
LMB - Pick Up / Drop
RMB - Inspect
F - Lantern


The Tower at Tortenna was originally conceived and created for the 3-Day Gamejolt #dreamhackjam Gamejam where it was selected as 1 of 5 winning entries.

Since ruminating in the tower, a small collective of game developers, artists and writers, known to themselves as ‘Tower Team’ began to explore and expand the tower into how it stands today, expanding the myth, and burying new secrets in the tower walls.

Tower Team Twitter: @towerteamgames

Tower Team is:

Moshe Linke

Gareth Damian Martin @JumpOverTheAge
Tom Kitchen @tom_kitchen
Thomas Newlands

Michael Berto

Music and Sound Composed by Paws Menu
Contact us at: towerteaminternational@gmail.com

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