Virtual Wave

StoryWelcome to Virtual Wave, a Retro 8-Bit FPS Roguelike. The year is 1985, you are a programmer wo


Welcome to Virtual Wave, a Retro 8-Bit FPS Roguelike. The year is 1985, you are a programmer working on the cutting edge of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. After tampering with your homemade A.I.'s moral code, it hacked into your virtual reality world and threatens to release all of its minions into the real world. You must now enter into the virtual world you created to stop your A.I. before it is too late.


Virtual Wave is all about the classic Arcade style gameplay, "you die in the game you start from the beginning." You have one chance, one shot (spaghetti) to complete it. Eventually you will come face to face with the A.I. that is causing all this and you will have to defeat it. Luckily there are weapons you can purchase and upgrade to aid you in this madman run. There is also a banking system established so when you deposit money into the ATM it will save your account balance for a later play. Understanding enemies, powerups, items, and weapons is the key to success in Virtual Wave, so I've included a .PDF Instruction Booklet with all the tips and tricks to help you succeed.


- Original Art and Music by FoxyPanda- Money System - with ATM and Shops- Enemy AI - with A* Path Finding algorithm- 5 Power Ups - Temporarily giving a player advantage- Weapons System - with purchasing and leveling up- Traps - used to temporarily catch enemies- Boss - with unique mechanics and pattern- Secret Buttons - ???

Planned Features:

- Lan Co-Op Play- Mac Port of the Demo (if successfully funded est. Summer 2017)- Controller support (if successfully funded est. Summer 2017)- New Shop and ATM interface that pauses gameplay- Advanced AI calculating for specific situations- 2 more power ups that missed the Demo Deadline- New Weapons and improved Upgrading system- Upgradable Traps- Items that will have special abilities while held, (Also a Safety Deposit Box at the ATM that can hold one item)- More Unique Enemies- More Unique Bosses- More Unique Levels


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