The Last Minute Dungeon

Notes:- Play the game on Linux to get the best performance. For some reason Windows version is a bit


- Play the game on Linux to get the best performance. For some reason Windows version is a bit laggier.
- Gamepad is supported, but only Xbox-like ones (gamepads with XInput support, in other words)
- It might take a while to start, especially if you have Avast antivirus**

The Last Minute Dungeon is an action-arcade game where you fight monsters, collect magic clocks and improve your skills - but you have only one minute time (plus the time you get by collecting the clocks)

The story:

"Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there was a woman who refused to pay taxes to her king. She said that king doesn't use the money to improve the public welfare, but rather to buy golden underwear. The king - who was truly wearing the golden underwear - got mad and sentenced the woman to death. He sent the best warrior in the whole kingdom, you, Brave McHero, to kill this "witch of pure evil".

After slaying 12,359 monsters, 3,212 bandits and burning four villages, you have finally found the way to the witch's lair - which was next to your house, but you didn't know that before visiting and killing a prophet in North. Unfortunately you have only one minute left since you spent too many nights in those inns and taverns and spent too many hours doing irrelevant side-quests. One minute later the witch will commit suicide and that's not fair, the king ordered you to kill her, and you don't want to disappoint the king!

To gain more time, you must collect magic clocks to obtain more time, but it won't be easy: the witch's lair is filled with friendly monsters who want to hug you too badly, and thus they must all die! You must improve your fighting skills to survive the epic dungeon and find a teleporter to the final encounter!"

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