Created byTed Lauterbach and Brian 'brod' RodriguezSFX made by Matt ScorahMusic composed by Ashley

Created by
Ted Lauterbach and Brian 'brod' Rodriguez

SFX made by Matt Scorah
Music composed by Ashley Gwinnell

Chawp! was made over the course of 4 days for Game Jolt's Second Game Jam.

Left Click (Hold) ----- Drop Anchor
Left Click (Release) - CHAWP!
Right Click ------------ Change Color
Esc --------------------- Quit game
F4 ----------------------- Toggle Fullscreen

Fight 10 different bosses for a highscore, and in order to win, you need to CHAWP! them up! Score big points by working fast and chawping as many strings in succession to keep your Combo and Booster going.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Longer your chawp, the less damage you do.

  • Chawping a line of the same color does double damage.

  • Chawping parent strings adds the children to the combo.

  • You have 2 seconds to chawp another string before the combo resets.

  • Take your time. This is precision, not a race.

Updated Rules and Tricks

  • BUT, if you want to be on the scoreboards, you have to keep that Booster bar up!

  • The Booster goes down automatically, but refills when you make a successful chawp.

  • The Booster will multiply your chawp scores by how full it is and by the combo

  • More, speedy, precise, chawps means MORE points.

I am deeply honored to have worked with such a fascinating team! Please, play their games as well! Here's for many more jams! 😀

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