I created this game in under 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33, which had the theme 'You are the Monster'

I created this game in under 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33, which had the theme "You are the Monster". I recieved 8th place overall out of about 1,200 in the "Compo" category, and promised to make a Post-Comp version, which is here.

In this game you play as a troll, living in solitude in your cave in the forest, but over time humans become aware of your presence and begin to hunt you. You must hunt for food and gather materials to be able to eat and craft weapons, armor, and traps, in order to survive the humans' attacks.

Left & Right : Walk
Up : Jump
Spacebar : Interact
Z : Attack, or Select (in menus)
X : Throw Rock (if you have any)
C : Place Traps (if you have any)

P or ESC : Pause
ESC : Exit (from pause menu)
ESC : Close Game (from main menu)
F : Toggle Fullscreen
M : Toggle Mute Music
N : Toggle Mute Sound


  • Hatred and Fear - The lower right portion of the screen displays bars that indicate how much the humans hate and fear you.
    Hatred increases the rate at which humans appear, and in what quantity. Hatred is increased over time or by a random chance in the event that an enemy group escapes.
    Fear increases the difficulty of the enemies that spawn, which takes the form of stronger units such as knights and archers. Fear is increased by a random chance in the event that an enemy group never returns home.

  • Group AI - Enemies spawn and act as groups. They will choose to flee if their numbers are greatly diminished and the chances to increase Hatred and Fear are based on if any individuals of a group escape, or if none of them do, respectively.

  • Food - Food depreciates over time and will drain your health if you are at zero for too long. To eat food, have at least one meat item and use the campfire in the cave.

  • Sleep - Sleeping can only be done when not in combat and when not starving or being attacked. Sleeping will heal you for an equal amount to the amount of meat on your hunger indicator. Sleeping has a cooldown of 2.5 minutes.

  • Armor - Armor reduces damage taken by a flat amount equal to the armor value. For example, an attack of 2 damage versus an armor value of 1 would do 1 damage. If the amount of damage isless than or equivalent to the amount of armor, it is reduced to having a random chance to do 1 damage.

  • Totems - Totems can be crafted from bone and sticks and will be distributed around your cave to a maximum of 6 (3 on both sides). If an enemy group reaches your cave, and the number of totems on that side is equal to or greater than the enemy group size, the enemy group will flee. Hounds are not affected by Totems when alone.

  • Materials - Materials can be gathered with space and are kept track of in the top-right corner of the game screen. The maximum is 99 for each. Meat drops from animals and is used for food. Sticks spawn randomly in the wild and are the most common crafting material. Bones can be dropped by any animal or enemy and are the second most common crafting material. Metal can only be obtained by killing Fork Peasants or Knights, and is the rarest crafting material.

This version is updated from the Ludum Dare version.
The Ludum Dare 33 version is still available here:
Here is the Changelog:

  • Added a new dog enemy with a lunge attack.

    • Unaffected by Totems when without humans.

  • Added title screen.

  • Added music.

  • Added an Icon for the executable.

  • Replaced all sound effects with proper ones.

  • Enemy spawn rate increases naturally in addition to the chance from enemies escaping.

    • One point every three minutes, reaching 10 after 30 minutes, maximum.

    • Enemy HP now increases over time.

    • Tied to the amount of enemy parties defeated.

    • There is no limit to HP increase.

  • Added options for fullscreen, muting music, and muting sound.

    • To toggle in-game, press F, M, or N, respectively

  • Escape now pauses the game, Escape from the pause menu exits the game.

  • Miscellaneus graphical improvements.

  • Increased the spawn rate of sticks and rocks.

  • Fixed bug where enemies attack while running away.

If you discover any bugs, report them in the comments and I'll fix them as soon as possible.
Enjoy, if you want to.


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